Video Presentations

Global Career in Pediatric Transplantation

IPTA 2023

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Impact of Gender on Equity and Access to Transplantation Worldwide

TTS 2022

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The Impact of Sex and Gender in Transplantation Outcomes in Transplantation - Does Sex Matter?

TTS 2022

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WIT Networking Event

TSANZ 2022

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Achieving Gender Equality in the Life Science World: from Compensation to Career Opportunities in Industry and Academia

FOCiS 2022

Sex and Gender Research - Beyond the Horizon

WIT-TTS-ISN Webinar | January 2022

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Women in Donation - A Women in Transplantation Event

WIT - CDTRP Event, December 2021

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Living Kidney Donation: New Perspective

WIT-TTS Webinar | November 2021

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Pathways to Creating Equity and Inclusion: Change is Our Collective Responsibility

ASHI 2021

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Navigating the Iceberg; Strategies for Promoting Gender Equity, Inclusion and Respect in Science

FOCiS 2021

Where Sex Meets Gender - Implications of COVID-19 - Deborah J. Clegg

ISHLT 2021

Gender Disparities in Kidney Transplantation in Asia - Session 2

Asian Society of Transplantation - February 2021

Gender Disparities in Kidney Transplantation in Asia - Session 1

Asian Society of Transplantation - January 2021

Gender Inequity in the Time of COVID-19 - Sabine Oertelt-Prigione

TTS 2020

#MeToo: Addressing Gender Inequity in Academic Medicine - Reshma Jagsi

American Society of Transplantation - WIT Webinar | June 2020

Diversity, Sex and Gender in the COVID Era - Yvonne Maldonado

FOCiS 2020

Developing Leaders - Ester Banque

Change Agent 2016

Panel Discussion - Q&A with Young Investigators


Panel Discussion - Career Balancing

ILTS 2015

Panel Discussion - Tricks of the Trade

ATC 2015

Panel Discussion - Challenges in Translational Research

FOCiS 2015

Being Right is Not Enough - It's How the Message is Delivered - Mary Sue Lefell

ASHI 2014

Networking Event with Renee Bennett and Christiane Kugler

ITNS 2014

Interview with
Megan Sykes

WTC 2014

Kathryn Wood
on Mentoring

WTC 2014

Interview with
Kathryn Wood

WTC 2014

Women in the Field of Transplantation - Sommer Gentry

WTC 2014

Gender Research and Patient Care - Kautzky Willer

ESOT 2013

Networking Event with Vathsala Anantharaman and Yuki Nakagawa

CAT 2013

What WIT Can Do for You - Nancy Ascher

IPTA 2013

Networking Event with Hannah Valantine

ISHLT 2013

Why We All Need WIT - Megan Sykes

CST 2013

Women Leadership Presented in Korean Art - Curie Ahn

IXA 2013

The Exciting & Tough Climbing of Transplant's Mountains - Paola Maffi

IPITA 2013

The Challenge to Have it All! - Sandy Feng

ATC 2013

Career Paths in the Middle East - Dujanah H. Mousa

MESOT 2012

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